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BlackHawks love Lewey’s My husband and I have used Lewey’s for the past year when doing any outdoor activity. He is now serving in Iraq where insect-bourne diseases are a serious problem (especially Leishmaniasis). In an email home, he asked that I send over insect repellent, specifically Lewey’s Eco-Blends. I am wondering if there is a discount for larger orders or those serving in the military. I appreciate your response to this email. Thank you.

Feel free to post the boys in all their glory on the website. Jeff is the one furthest to the left on top of the helicopter. He loves using Lewey's Eco-Blends. Says it works great on all exposed skin. Thank you so much for all you do.

Amy Bosinske
Proud Wife of A National Guard Soldier (Sgt. Jeffrey Bosinske)
Every day gone is one day closer to home.

Marines Love Lewey’s Eco-Blends Our nephew in the United States Marine Corps suffers terribly with all the other service men and women in Iraq due to constant torment by bugs of all kinds. There is no escape. We sent a case of your Lewey’s Eco-Blends to our Nephew while in Iraq; Lewey’s WORKS!! This is the only product that was effective in protecting them from these pests. Thank you for bringing relief to a Marine under "bug attack in the line of duty.”
Rev. S. Ellis-Killian

Good words from Randolph G. Runs After
“Products that contain DEET have always given rise to public concern due to precautionary attributes of the product usage. Natural products such as Lewey’s Eco-Blends alleviate this concern dramatically for peace of mind, not to mention the protection from flying, biting insects that is attained. “

Randolph G. Runs After
Environmental Health Specialist
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe
Presenter at 2004 CDC West Nile Virus Conference, Denver, CO.

Law Enforcement Loves Lewey’s As a police officer at Indian Island, ME., I work evenings and nights when flies and mosquitoes are out in force. Since we're near the water here, they are fierce. Your product works great and safe around nylon, leather, plastic. Excellent Jim Grandmont

Maine Guide Loves Lewey’s I've tried a number of non-Deet bug repellents, and never found one that actually works - until now. Buzz-Off even worked on those evil, green-headed horseflies that populate Maine beaches in high summer. I will recommend it to all my clients. Thank you for coming out with such a wonderful product. P. McGurren, Maine


Camping in deep woods Maine I just want to say that this insect repellent is the best I have ever used and it saved me from losing a lot of blood this June. This June I worked at West Branch Pond Camps in Kokadjo, ME, and let's just say a "flatlander" like me was not used to the black flies, deer flies, moose flies, etc... Thank you and I was wondering where I could find a store that sells it on Cape Cod? Samantha Furbush Massachusettes

Camping in Labrador I had the opportunity to use Buzz-off on a recent fishing trip to Labrador. I can tell you that your product was most effective at repelling the swarms of black flies, midges, and mosquitoes that greeted us each time we ventured outdoors. Others on our trip used conventional repellents and still were bothered by constant swarms of bugs. It didn't take long for the others on the trip to notice that I was concentrating on fishing, not having to deal with being bitten. I also smelled much better than my fishing buddies at the end of the day. I was first at the dinner table, while others fought to see who would shower first, and change clothes before coming down for dinner. I really can't say enough about your product. Keeps bugs away, all natural, smells good, and makes your skin feel soft. I knew I had to contact you, folks, to order more for my next trip.

Bert Corrigan

Safer for my Kids!! I tried your product for the first time this weekend. WOW! My husband & I have 5 children from ages 12 yrs. to 9 mos. I have only ever used DEET products when the bugs are severe and have never felt comfortable using products with DEET on my children, but all the other non-DEET products on the market were ineffective. Living in Maine in a heavily wooded area we constantly battle with pests. We call my 6 yr old son the "Tick Magnet" because he comes in with an average of 1-2 ticks a day. I am totally impressed with your product. Not only is it effective, it is safe for my children, and the environment. Thank you so much. May God bless each and every person who worked so hard to create this product.

J. L. Davis Hollis, ME

Fearful of Mosquito born diseases? Hello, and thank you for your great product! I recently took a trip to Samoa where mosquito borne Dengue Fever and Malaria is a very real concern. I applied my Lewey’s and enjoyed a mosquito-free trip. Mosquitoes were everywhere except for my skin. It was great! The wonderful smell of Lewey’s was an added bonus. I heard about Lewey’s from a fellow soil scientist in Maine and I am spreading the word here on the west coast. Thanks again!

T. Rodgers Soil Scientist Mount Vernon, Washington

I will never use DEET again I just wanted to let you know that your product (BuzzOff) is great. I put it to the test last weekend in my backyard. Usually, the mosquitoes are pretty bad in Florida. I put on Buzzoff on Saturday and did not have a single bite all day. Now, I can get rid of my can of DEET (poison). Thank you for your wonderful invention, and the smell is not bad either.

Thanks again, Michael Trenkler

Effective, but more importantly Safe! On visiting my brother and his wife in Waldo, Maine I was amazed to see that they used a repellent at all as she is afflicted with a chemical sensitivity syndrome. I know that when they endorse anything it must be safe. The repellent was Buzz-off. I am now living in Edgewater, Florida and I already have a request for your product from a lady here, originally an NH. native. I certainly hope I can find it down here as it would be such a wonderful product to have here. Florida needs more natural products, in my opinion.


Concerned Grandparents, I just had to let you know how wonderful I and my family and friends think "Lewey’s " is! It is keeping ALL biting things off my highly allergic 3 1/2 yr old granddaughter. She was the reason I ordered the first two bottles. The bottle I ordered for myself is just great, too.
Yesterday two friends came over to help us shear our sheep-a hot, sweaty job, made that much worse by the flying, crawling etc bugs. We all used just a dab on our exposed parts and --NO BITES! They will be contacting you for some very soon. (J. Harris and G.Vincent) I am wondering if it would be OK to use the "horse" spray on my dogs, goats, and sheep. What is the cost of the "horse" spray?

Thank you,
Marilyn Bacon

My daughter plays outside now because of your product! I already received my shipment of Lewey’s Eco-Blends and it's the greatest stuff in the world. I have tried everything for my child (her mosquito bites swell to 3+ inches across and she has had several staph infections as a result). This is the first product we've ever used that worked for her and I am more grateful than I can ever tell you. It's the difference between spending the whole summer inside and getting to go play at the park. It's also the difference between MANY trips to the Dr. and getting to just be a normal kid.
I'm also so grateful because she is highly allergic to bees and wasps and I like the idea that they'll be leaving her alone.
you are so kind. I will accept your gracious offer with the promise that Molly will wear her Lewey’s T-shirt to the park every time we go (and I will carry your cards & brochures) because you are the only reason she will get to go at all. It's just amazing. I cannot thank you enough.


Fly Spray and Flyline conditioner I am an avid outdoorsman and use this product religiously. I have 2 bottles always, one in my flyfishing vest and the other in my tacklebox (stays in my truck!) I have told countless outdoorsy folks of it and they all say the same thing- this stuff is amazing!!
thank you for producing a truly quality product for us outdoors people!!
ps, it is awesome as a fly line conditioner!!


Better than the expensive fly conditioners!! The conditioning oil that I used to use for floating my fly line is now replaced with Lewey’s. It conditions the same for my lines as the expensive conditioners and is safe for the environment.

S. Daigle

Hunting in Alaska/bugs as thick as black clouds! We were successful in catching caribou, however, the weather was unusually warm for this time of year and the gnats were fierce. We used Lewey’s and they disappeared. It lasted over 2 hours, even sweating like crazy because of the warm temperature and the lack of breeze. We should have had a video camera to record the black clouds of bugs and their disappearance after the use of Buzz-Off. R. Bouse, Fairbanks Alaska

Everyone wants my Lewey’s! I have shared Lewey’s Eco-Blends with my friends and they want more. You should feel proud that you are making a product that works so well and is safe and natural. In this crazy money hungry world, we are poisoning ourselves with technology. Lewey’s is a breath of fresh air.

Thank You,

J.Hyde West Shokan, NY



Even works on the Hornets and Wasps! I LOVE IT! This stuff works great!
I don't know if my clinic will carry it - we have such limited space - but I am working on a local tack shop owner. Also sending people to your website left and right. I'll need to order more, though, with 3 horses I am still only halfway through the bottle! THANK YOU! H. O’Leary
PS Tried the "premise spray" technique you suggested, on my trailer - wasps love to nest there between uses, and the horses don't appreciate the extra cargo - it's keeping my horse trailer wasp-free for the first time in years!

Good for Everyone Such a great product- the horses love it and so do the two-leggeds! L.Dassler

No more ticks! Thank you for your product! I live in a tick-infested area, and it is the only thing that keeps the ticks off my dog! If I don't use it and go to the park, we are guaranteed to come home with at least one tick on her. But since I started using it- we come home tick free! And I am happy it is safe for her health and mine!


Premise Spray with no staining! Yikes it works! I emailed Lewey’s asking whether their product could be used to keep those buzzing critters off the deck when we settle in for an evening drink. Alison actually called me back the same day. (Cooool.... especially when most other "providers" force me to talk with a machine for 10 minutes and then listen to tacky music because my " is important to us,"
Alison told me to dilute Lewey’s with water in a spray bottle and spray all over. I was concerned that the oils may stain the deck, house, bluestone, or furniture. No stains at all and BEST after a 2-day repeated spray NO BUGS.
Great product.

Works when nothing else did!! My husband and I have many prized horsed. If you have ever been around horses you know how bad the bugs bother them. We tried to find something to give them or apply to their coat for some relief but never found anything that worked. We heard about this new product called Equine Blend. So we tried this product on one of horses and are still amazed! The bugs are still not bothering him after 4 days of applying this Equine Blend. Needless to say, we have applied this to all of our farm animals and pets with great results. Cathy / ME


Soothes Exzema and keeps bugs away I would like to "THANK YOU" for the use of your insect repellent. It is great! I have (had) very bad exzema on both of my wrists, now, not only are the black flys gone but so is my exzema too! I live way up in The Forks in the Maine Woods where the bugs can get pretty bad, but your repellent keeps them buzzing off. I just want to say "KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK" & "GREAT STUFF 100%" Thanks,
L.M Decker West Forks, ME



Best Seller Lewey’s Eco-Blends is a wonderful product!! Last year, it flew off the shelves and sold more than any other insect repellent in our store. I have had no complaints about Lewey’s from any of our customers and it continues to have high sales. Lewey’s is a great product and it works!!!!

Connie J. Health Food Center Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Great Company Great Product Hi! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent service you provided me yesterday! My package arrived in ONE DAY via UPS!!! Boy, that was fast. What a great product you have in Lewey’s...can't wait to sell it tomorrow. My wife teaches first grade at the Wawaloam School in Exeter and she's taking in six bottles, along with the display rack and literature to sell at school. Thanks again and best of luck to you and your awesome company! I'm sure I'll be re-ordering soon.

Sincerely, S. Grossman (Down To Earth- RI.)

Crew Worship These past few years I've been nearly hospitalized by the black flies. We hired Glenn & Wendy Merry, after meeting them at the Flower Show, to come down this spring and install our pond. She saw the flies SWARMING about me (it is NOT my shampoo = they love my eyelids) and, while Wendy couldn't use it, brought a bottle of your stuff down. Oh my. Oh my again. First year in ten plus I've been living here, not one bite and I'm outside! Even my stubborn "I don't need anything" father-in-law, "where's that stuff" for the flies. Amazing. I'm sold.. My in-law family and our crew will forever worship me...and you! – C.Dove (Houde Home Construction, Inc.)
Sincerely, S. Grossman (Down To Earth- RI.)

Big hit with customers We were very pleased with the amount of Lewey’s Eco-Blends that we sold this summer. We had many repeat customers that came back for more! Your product has appealing packaging, it's priced well, and it works! We enjoy selling Maine-made products and plan to keep Lewey’s always stocked.

Thank You.
Winnegance General Store, Maine